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Manuel Hesse Vadillos

Manuel is the legal advisor of GMC Mexico. He manages GMC's legal relations in Mexico, with suppliers and clients and, the authorities in the ports where we operate.

Manuel came to GMC Mexico after working for various law firms in Spain and Mexico, where he led business development projects as a corporate lawyer. Throughout his career, Manuel was responsible for corporate functions in the prevention of legal contingencies through sophisticated schemes, including assemblies, statutory audit, corporate governance, and regulatory compliance, in Mexico and Spain.

Manuel obtained his law degree from the “Universidad Complutense” of Madrid, where he also obtained his postgraduate degree in International Business Law. Upon his arrival in Mexico back in 2014, he combined his professional activity with a master’s degree in Corporate Law, where he acquired a solid base to structure all kinds of situations that affect companies from their birth to liquidation.  He began his career in maritime agency with the help of Gulf Marine Contractors, back in 2018. This in fact allowed him to learn the details of the operation of this great company as an external lawyer.

Manuel's greatest passion outside of law and study is rugby. He has played rugby since he was 16, in addition to other contact sports, such as Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiujitsu, and boxing, but his greatest passion is attending debates.