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Claudia Santos

Claudia is the Accounting Manager for GMC Mexico. She oversees customer account collection, sets up accounts, sends invoices, recruits staff, deals with suppliers and outsourcing, follows-up on pending accounts to pay and collect, and supports logistics area of ​​personnel and operations.

With a bachelor’s degree in international marketing, Claudia has worked in several different positions on oil rigs in the bay of Campeche. Claudia also has experience in sales, working as an offshore accounting clerk and as a client account administrator in charge of focusing all the accounts and carrying them out in the way requested by the client, prepayments for services and final account delivery.  

Claudia’s greatest interests outside of work are her children and family. She also loves travelling, discovering and exploring new places, listening to the relaxing sound of the sea, dancing to music and helping others in whatever way she can.