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Imtiaz Nazir-Khaleel

Imtiaz is Gulf Marine Contractor’s Managing Director for the Caribbean and Latin America. His role consists of supporting GMC’s growing global footprint by providing logistics and support services throughout the Caribbean and South America.

Imtiaz has over seven years of experience in the shipping, marine, and customs brokerage industry. Five of those years were spent directly providing services to the oil & gas sector.

After obtaining his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of the West Indies, Imtiaz worked at the Ministry of Finance's Customs and Excise Division. It was here that he discovered a love for the supply chain, trade, and logistics industry.

Imtiaz then joined RAMPS Logistics, a local brokerage and logistics organization in Trinidad. During the six years he was with the company, he worked his way from an entry-level data position to Contracts Manager. He then became the Country Manager for RONCO Oil & Gas, spearheading the new venture company as it expanded its global operations.

Imtiaz also holds many certifications from various institutions, including process operations, logistics, anti-bribery, ethics, and project management.

Imtiaz currently resides in Trinidad, where he enjoys spending time with family, helping others, and giving back to the communities through remedial classes and volunteer work. He also enjoys hunting, DIY home construction projects, and has developed an appreciation for cars from his family's automotive business.